The galaxy has lots of secrets, and one of them has been uncovered by DJ  Hot Spot: this cosmic mix is the answer he gifts us with.

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An atmospheric Drum’n’Bass mix from Hot Spot! Or is it not so much atmospheric as deep, or some other beast altogether? It’s for you to decide! When I listen to this mix I picture myself in the clouds , I imagine tearing the links of space asunder, I feel atmosphere. It’s a mix with a certain depth, which each listener will discover for themselves and in their own way. mix is!

Атмосферик драм-н-бейс микс от Hot-Spot
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Meditative, deep, and… A really magical mix from Hot Spot! Let’s all listen, and plunge into the sound atmosphere of Deep House music…

Hot Spot – Deep Intruments

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Drum-n-Bass still sounds just as fresh in our hearts, and just as high-quality—it’s Hot Spot! This mix drives from the intellectual d’n’b scene to the battlefields of neuro-funk: everyone, to arms!
Blast From The Past (Drum'n'Bass Mix)

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Even deeper? Even more tender and sensitive? Yes, it’s him… Hot-Spot! new podcast! This podcast is characterized by deep, melodic, at times meditative House, Deep House, and Deep Techno.

Hot Spot - Underwater mix - Deep Techno Podcast

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So here’s our third hard techno podcast from Hot Spot! As always, it’s powerful, it’s techno, it’s bold and beastly!

Hot Spot - Firm Principles 3 Techno Podcast

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Imagine that Firm Principles Podcast – is a hellish train with wicked tracks, heading for a depot where there’s an infernal disco going on. Dark shadows dance on the walls, and people in masks, like shamans, dance their ritual moves, giving in to the primordial call of the dance…

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Techno podcast from Hot Spot. It includes some quite heavy tracks, even aggressive in places, which just insisted on being an integral part of this ‘wicked’ podcast. It includes some quite heavy tracks, even aggressive in places, which just insisted on being an integral part of this ‘wicked’

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The Lost Room is.. In Your Head. Just open the door..

Here’s an excellent mix from DJ Hot Spot, in the latest podcast!  This compilation is quite broad in the style of the sound, but there’s no doubt that all these tracks depict the whole charm of techno music, in different ways. Get ready for some Deep Tech, Electro Tech, Tech House и  Minimal Techno.


Hot Spot - The Lost Room

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This compilation reflects the surging energy of summer! 
A drop of vocals, an explosive beat, a deep bass, and real tech house grooves can help you keep up your excellent mood!

Hot Spot - Mood Support

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